Twist of Fate Tales

You never what you'll find at the end of these inspirational and intriguing stories, but you can count on this, the ending will be unforgettable. (Ages 16 through Adult)

The green door - One wrong turn can change a life forever.

Tale of two lovers - Through distance, confusion, and chaos, does love conquer all?

Leaving a light behind - What trace do you leave to those around you?

The cleanest yard in town - The best actions with the worst intentions.

Ice Cream at the 1904 World's Fair - Sometimes the best is saved for last.

The shelter - What do you really think of your friends and neighbors?

Uncle Charley - Some things are too good to be true.

Rich man, rich woman - Some things are not always as they seem.

Lucky Brown - No matter who we are, each one of us influences someone.