Chris Sutton is a talented public speaker, storyteller, actor, re-enactor, voice talent, and living history performers. Chris has created educational programs for the Saint Louis Zoo, National Association of Interpretation, the National Park System, the Civil War Sesquicentennial Organization, Gateway Storytellers, MO-TEL Storytelling guild, and Riverwind Storytellers. He was excited to be chosen to represent his region at this year's conference, and you can watch him perform his first-hand account of a Union Civil War officer at the Showcase on Saturday, August first. His living history programs have been described as "intense and thought-provoking!" Chris has an intriguing demeanor and a magnetic personality that is unmatched; once you see him perform, you will never forget him!

Chris in front of trees


"Chris Sutton is Francis Scott Key, among others I've seen him perform. I've had the privilege of filming a variety of storytellers, and Chris exemplifies the best they can be. When Chris is speaking to you in character, you believe in him and want more. His attention to detail is amazing, as I've seen him scrap a production and rewrite it because he found a possible historical inaccuracy. Chris puts heart in what he does. You've met those people who are so enthusiastic and positive about what they're doing that you, and others, just want to be around them. That's Chris, and he's more than happy to share that upbeat energy with everyone through his stories. No overacting, no talking down to the audience, just a real skill and a great voice for sharing the oral tradition. You might find another storyteller worthy of the award, but you won't find anyone more humble and gracious who will honor it with respect and a perseverance to be worthy of the title. Chris Sutton is the Storyteller of the Year."
   - David Clark, President, Clark Carroll Productions


"Chris Sutton is an engaging oral historian who immediately grabs your attention with his authentic period costumes. Then, he passionately takes you back in time, where you become an eye witness to historical events."
   - Jackie & "Papa" Wright


"I have had the pleasure of hearing Chris Sutton, Tales with a Twist, several times and I am never disappointed. I host senior activities at a local community bank and we invited Chris to "tell a tale" to our seniors as well as their grandkids on a recent Wednesday morning. His interpretation of the stories he told kept both the seniors and their grandkids on the edge of their seat the entire morning.

"I also invited Chris to a Fourth of July party for 100 people which was held at a hotel in downtown St. Louis, overlooking the Mississippi River. Right before the fireworks show began, Chris told the story of Francis Scott Key and his writing of the Star Spangled Banner. He told the story wearing period costume and you could literally feel and understand each word spoken that night. I will never sing that song again without thinking and feeling what Francis Scott Key felt at Fort McHenry and I have Chris Sutton to thank for that. He is truly a phenomenal storyteller!"
   - Susan Weber, Midwest Bank Center, Horizon's Club Director


"Chris Sutton has appeared here at the Missouri History Museum for me on several occasions. His programs are always professionally created and presented and easily understood by people of all ages and abilities. His portrayals of past historical figures has never failed to provide people the tools to a better understanding of their past and, in at least some small way, prepare them for the future."
   - Barnes M. Bradshaw, Educational Events Coordinator, Missouri History Museum


"I am so glad we have interpreters like you in our Region. Thanks for all you do for the art and profession of interpretation."
   - John Miller, National Association of Interpretation, CIT & Director


"His voice is attuned to the audience, he does this with the ease of the professional that he is."
   - Ron Adams, Teacher & Storyteller


"It is a pleasure to work with you."
   - Molly Postlewait, Senior Park Naturalist & Storyteller


"We thoroughly enjoyed his program! His details and descriptions made you feel that you were with him. A very educatonal and enlightening afternoon."
   - Molly Barrett, Hawken House Manager


"Chris Sutton is by far my favorite historic storyteller in 20 years!"
   - J. Knouf, Kansas Storytelling Festival


"I am pleased to say that I have known and worked with Chris as a storyteller & interpreter for several years now. His passionate words and engaging voice make you forget where you are but allows you to remember every detail. I cannot do him justice by describing him with text, but I can promise that you have never seen anything quite like him and after you do see him perform, you will never forget him."
   - Jennifer, St. Louis Zoo


"We hired Chris Sutton to speak about the strategic value of MO in the first person and he had the crowd totally quiet! He would be an asset to any project and he would also be a good voice-over. I am now convinced that I will not have 'scholars' as speakers at future events with the general public, but will buffer it with performers to make it interesting. He was powerful and is listed with MAC!"
   - John Deis, Caldwell County Civil War Society


"The sesquicentennial (a word I love to say but cannot spell) has been an incredible, unmatched experience for me. The 150th anniversary of the American Civil War started in 2011 and ends this year, 2015. Hundreds and hundreds of reenactments, ceremonies and assemblies have taken place over the last four years to commemorate the bloodiest war in American history. More Americans gave their lives in this conflict than in all other wars combined. Reenactments, formal ceremonies, debates and even slave auctions, gave both spectators and those participating a chance to immerse themselves in this collection of historic moments. I was blessed to be a part of many programs during this time and I am eternally grateful to everyone I have met for making my life richer. I have studied the civil war for more than 20 years and in my travels of telling stories, I am fortunate enough to meet a collection of people from all walks of life. With each person that I meet who has a history to share, I am intrigued and humbled by all of the things I don't know about the civil war. There is such magic in the art of listening, (something I need to do more of ) and I have been privileged to meet strangers who transform into meaningful acquaintances and friends before my very eyes. I gravitate to telling many of my stories surrounding this era because of the substantially rich history it provides. As a storyteller and historian, my life has forever changed over the last four years and am ready for the next chapter in my life as a living history presenter, keeping these stories alive. I look forward to continuing to tell the stories that you won't find in any history book, stories that make us think and stories that inspire us to make a difference."
   - Chris Sutton, National Storytelling Network (NSN) Blog, July, 2015